Counterfeit US Cash turning up in Fort St. John

The Fort St. John RCMP are asking all businesses to thoroughly check all US currency that they receive, as they have discovered counterfeit bills in the area.

Three counterfeit US bills have been seized by Fort St. John RCMP.


A $100 bill, with the serial number DB96003269A had been used at a store, where employees discovered it was counterfeit.

RCMP located the person and discovered they also were in possession of two counterfeit $10 bills, with the serial number JC9518278A.

The person carrying the money was unaware that the bills were counterfeit, according to officials.

An investigation into where the money may have come from, and if any other counterfeit money has been used in local stores, is on-going.

Money that may be counterfeit should always be reported to the RCMP.

More information about identifying US money as counterfeit can be found here.