Enrolment up 140 students in School District 60

The beginning of the school year means the enrolment numbers may still go and up and down before they even out, but as of Monday nights school board meeting, the district counted 5,758 new students – up 143 from last year’s count of 5,615.

The biggest increases were reported at Dr. Kearney Middle School and Charlie Lake Elementary school – more new students were reported at Charlie Lake Elementary, where 2 new divisions were added in June.

“We currently have enough staffing, but part of the increase is the challenge of finding additional staffing because of the extra divisions,” said Superintendent Dave Sloan.

He says the new students make the district bigger than before, and they hope it make it “better than before.”

The school district also processed 59 applications for exchange students, from Nigeria, Brazil, China, Vietnam, Ghana, Japan, Hong Kong, and Sweden.