Huskies end week with lacklustre practice

The Fort St. John Huskies held their final practice at the Pomeroy Sport Centre last night before moving back to the North Peace Arena. The session wasn’t the best work that the team has put forward so far, prompting the coaching staff to have a word with players to get it together as the practice went on.

Assistant coach Todd Alexander wasn’t shy in his assessment of where the shortcomings were Thursday night, saying that the team didn’t come prepared to work hard on the ice.


“If your work ethic isn’t there then you don’t have anything at all. That’s what we need to learn. We need to learn that we’ve got to show up and we’ve got to work, and we’re going to work every night. Some nights you just don’t have your game and that’s hockey. With travel and where you are in schedule you just never know when your A game is going to show up. One thing you can do each and every night is work hard. The boys just weren’t ready to work tonight for some of the drills and we had to have a chat about it,” he said.

As is the case in games he said practices are a team effort, and with that if one person isn’t working hard, the squad as a whole will suffer.

“It’s a group issue; we talk about it all the time. We talk about it when we’re going out on the ice. Everybody is responsible. It’s not one guy, it’s a group, it’s a team game. You live together by the sword and you die together by the sword,” Alexander said.

The team will be back on the ice for practice on Tuesday night with the skate getting underway at 7:45 p.m.