NEAT will be accepting yard waste this weekend

Tomorrow, NEAT will be accepting any yard clippings and waste you may have from 9 AM to 1 PM.

“For many years, NEAT has done yard waste collection events in Fort St. John because there is no community compost system or facility in our area.” said Tammy Hrab with NEAT.


They will accept waste such as leaves, twigs, grass, soil, and so on and so forth.

People are asked to only use paper bags to carry the waste – plastic bags will be rejected. The proper paper bags for composting can be found at Canadian Tire.

Those interested in composting this waste are told to come take it to the bin, which Hrab says is located in the parking lot where the old visitor’s centre used to be, where the North Peace Leisure Pool is now.

The waste goes to a lagoon in the Public Works Facility that isn’t being used by the City of Fort St. John.

This event happens once in the spring, once during autumn, and will happen again on November 7th.