North Peace Senior Housing awarded for Apartment 4 Renovations

The Rotary Club of Fort St. John has awarded $50,000 to the North Peace Senior Housing Society for the renovations done to Apartment 4.

This award is the first of $100,000 that the club has committed. President of the Rotary Club Harold Goodwin told Energetic City it came from community fundraisers.


“We do whatever we can to help the community blossom,” said Goodwin. “This year, after being brought to realization that the city is in need of revamping their senior housing, we decided to get on board.”

The newly renovated building has 4 wings that join together in the centre, where a dining/meeting room lies.

Two of the wings have been named the Chimeroo wing, and the Peace wing. The meeting room is called the Dudley and Gail Wagner Rotary room.

One of the new residents of Apartment 4, Bill Stevenson, likes the way the building looks after these renovations.

“It’s exquisite and beautiful,” Stevenson said. “If you hear any complaints, it’ll probably be from someone who has never had it this good.”

Vice-President of the North Peace Housing Society Tony Zabinsky he’s happy to formally recognize the Rotary Club for their contribution to the construction of Apartment 4, and he can’t wait to start looking at new projects.

“We do have another piece of property that we’re going to look at developing once we’ve got all of our finances in place.”

In the past, the Rotary Club has contributed funding to the skate park, and they plan to team up with the Sunrise club to revamp the Spray Park in the future.

They also gave $25,000 to Ronald McDonald House Vancouver for upgrades – Goodwin felt it was a good contribution as children here will need to go to the hospital there at some point.