Parents need help finding missing medical formula package

A family in Fort St. John needs your help after a package of medical formula was delivered to the wrong address.

According to the family, a package of formula sent from Children’s Hospital was delivered to the wrong address on Tuesday.  The formula is needed to help two children with a metabolic condition called PKU.  Once the error was discovered another set of formula was sent, but it won’t reach the family until Wednesday.


With this delay, the children will run out of their current formula over the weekend.

Here is a copy of the proof of delivery that shows the person who signed for the package.


If you know who signed for this package or have any information that can help the family locate the formula that is already in Fort St. John, please contact them at 250-794-7912.

Below is the message sent to us by the family.

We have two kids here in FSJ who have a metabolic condition called PKU and require a medical formula. The cases of formula are shipped from Children’s Hospital and are only available through prescription, so cannot be replaced or purchased elsewhere. On Tuesday, Loomis delivered the cases of formula to a wrong address here in FSJ and these kids will run out if we don’t find it before Sunday. Children’s has attempted to ship more formula to the family but it only made it as far as Prince George today With the long weekend here, that shipment will not arrive until Wednesday, leaving the kids without what they need for survival for three days. We know the formula is here in town. Please let us know if it was accidentally delivered to you or someone you know and we will happily get it to these kids. Thanks so much!