Residents invited to open forum over proposed multi-family housing unit in Charlie Lake

A work site with apparent construction of what might be the start of the housing.

Members of the public are invited to come discuss their thoughts over a proposed 17 unit multi-family housing project tomorrow night at 7 PM, in the Charlie Lake Community Hall.

One resident, Melanie Meyer, claims the rezoning and construction started without given any of residents notice, and called the PRRD – who issued a stop work order.


“The application for rezoning was time stamped February 2nd, 2015. This work was done during the summer, and we are only finding out about it now,” she told Energetic City. “They’ve started building, although, you can’t see this from the highway. The lot is cleared of trees.”

Meyer says she is going to speak up at the hearing tomorrow night to address the situation, and wants more information out there for other people to know what is going on and form their own opinions.

“I would just like the public to be more aware of what’s happening, not my thoughts. I want people to think about this themselves, and come to the meeting.”

General Manager of Developmental Services with the PRRD Bruce Simard was not available for a comment as this article was published.