Vancouver police want complaint about pot dispensaries dismissed

Vancouver police are calling for the dismissal of a complaint before the city’s police board that alleges the department isn’t enforcing the law against illegal marijuana dispensaries.

Pamela McColl of the group Smart Approaches to Marijuana Canada filed the complaint, which accuses the VPD of “failing in their duty to maintain law and order” by not shutting down all pot shops.


Deputy Chief Doug LePard has responded in a 15-page report that will go before the police board today.

He says using criminal law to shut down dispensaries is generally ineffective and a better tool is bylaw enforcement, which the city will soon have with its regulation of the dispensaries.

LePard says the force will take action against dispensaries when public safety concerns exist, and has executed 11 search warrants and recommended multiple charges since 2013.

Selling marijuana over the counter is illegal in Canada and last week Health Canada sent cease-and-desist letters to 13 pot stores warning of RCMP raids if they don’t close.

The Canadian Press