CEO defends mass firing of parking cashiers at Edmonton Oilers rink

EDMONTON — The CEO of the group that runs several venues, including the NHL arena in Edmonton, is defending his decision to fire all the parking lot cashiers amid allegations of rampant theft.

Tim Reid of Northlands says some of the 38 people let go were upright and exceptional employees but had to go anyway.


Reid says tracking down just those responsible would take four months and cost $400,000 in lost revenue.

He says Northlands management shares some of the blame, but he won’t say if anyone in the front office will be penalized.

Some of those let go say they feel as if they’ve been publicly branded as criminals and are considering defamation lawsuits.

Reid says two recent audits showed that one dollar in five was either being pocketed or not collected by the cashiers — averaging out to more than $1 million over the course of a year.

The Canadian Press