Duncan Cran students get involved in politics with a mock election

File photo

Yesterday, intermediate students at Duncan Cran Elementary School got a taste of politics and elections by casting a vote of their own in a mock election.

Sixth grade teacher Dan Davies said that he hasn’t seen a mock election there in his four years at the school – during which time two federal, one provincial, and one municipal election have taken place.


Davies said the students were getting more and more excited to vote as they got closer to the day.

“I think that’s why there’s a really big push on the student vote. It’s not a real vote, it’s a mock vote – but it gets young people engaged, involved, excited.” he said.

He said the students are encouraged to research who their vote should go towards, rather than teachers showing students each platform.

Not only are they participating by voting, but volunteers were checking names off of the sign up list, and making sure the ballots were folded up and put in the box – like fourth grade students Ariel and Nicholas both volunteered to man the front desk because they plan on running for class president.

It took for a few hours across the afternoon to count all the ballots. 120 were expected to be filled out.

The results won’t be announced until after the election.