Former Fort St. John woman awarded for brave rescue in Mexico

A Calgary mom, formerly from Fort St. John, was awarded yesterday for saving the lives of a Montreal couple last December.

Tamara Loiselle, also a triathlete, said she was enjoying the last morning of her vacation in Cancun when she heard a man screaming for help.


That was when she saw there were no lifeguards on duty and red flags warding people away from entering the water.

Having almost drowned years earlier, Loiselle was inspired to get fit. In this situation, she quickly realized she was the only one equipped to rescue the couple – as she told CBC Calgary.

She was given the Mountbatten Medal, which recognizes the ‘most courageous rescue or rescue attempt in the Commonwealth.’ – she is the eighth Canadian to receive the award.

Loiselle wrote a book about the experience, called Divine Impulse. It will be released in January.

Read the rest of CBC Calgary’s report, and listen to her recount the chilling story here.