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 We sent e-mails out to all the candidates for the Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies riding questions before the upcoming election.

3 out of 6 candidates responded by the deadline we assigned, and we are publishing their answers this week.

Here are the answers from Bob Zimmer, the current MP representing the Conservative Party of Canada.

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Q: What kind of steps now would benefit the Peace Region’s energy sector in the future?

A: The responsible development and export of our region’s natural resources represents a critical economic opportunity for our region and the rest of the country. In fact, major resource projects planned across the country over the next 10 years are estimated to represent $700 billion in investments.

That is why I am proud that our Conservative Government has taken steps to ensure that Canadian natural gas can reach new and growing international markets, and make it accessible for new domestic uses. This includes establishing a capital cost allowance rate of 30 per cent for equipment used in natural gas liquefaction and 10 per cent for buildings at a facility that liquefies natural gas.

These types of measures will allow companies to invest in new facilities to create jobs and economic growth in our region, while recovering their investment more quickly.

Q: How does the environment come into play with big industrial projects BC is fielding right now?

A: A Conservative Government remains committed to a strong science-based environmental assessment process that promotes responsible development, protects our environment and benefits Canadians and their families.

Our plan for responsible resource development has enhanced protection of the environment through its Pipeline Safety Act and improving Canada’s world-class energy transportation systems, as well as undertaking new initiatives designed to enhance First Nations engagement in environmental protection and jobs.

With this plan we are protecting Canada’s rich natural heritage, while also growing the economy and creating jobs.


Q: What do you think of Bill C-51?

A: Jihadi terrorists have targeted Canada and Canadians by name. We cannot protect Canada or our communities by simply choosing to ignore this threat. With this summer’s arrest of a terrorism suspect right here in Fort St. John, it is clear that even our regionare not immune to the threat of terrorism.

The first duty of any government is to protect the safety of its citizens. We are ensuring our police have the tool they need to protect Canadians against jihadi terrorists.

I disagree with the argument that every time we talk about security, our freedoms are threatened. Freedom and security go hand in hand. Canadians expect their federal government to protect both, and there are safeguards in this legislation to do exactly that.

Q: What role does the Peace Region have as part of Canada’s economy?

A: The responsible development of our natural resources is essential to Canada’s continued prosperity and our region’s energy sector provides tremendous economic opportunity for the Canadian economy.

I am committed to continuing to support local projects that enhance our position as a stable, secure, and environmentally responsible energy supplier for North America and the world.


Q: What would you want to change and improve in this part of BC as an MP?

A: My number one job in Ottawa is to represent the people of Northeastern BC. And, like most Canadians, I believe the biggest priorities of local residents are their jobs, their families, and their community. That is why I am proud of the results our Conservative Government has delivered as we remained focused on job and growth, keeping taxes low and protecting Canadians.

If re-elected, I will continue to work hard to help bring more jobs and opportunities to the Peace Region. I have already been working to assist several projects that are investing or want to invest in our area and I will continue to help these projects get over the hurdles they are facing. I care about you and your family and want you be able to work, live and retire here.

Zimmer is running for re-election against Libertarian Candidate W. Todd Keller, Green Party’s Elizabeth Biggar, Liberal Matt Shaw, NDP’s Kathy Dickie, and Progressive Party of Canada’s Barry Blackman.

The election is October 19th – on Monday.

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