Parents of man connected to alleged shooting plot want answers about son’s death

HALIFAX — The parents of a young man connected to an alleged mass-murder plot in Halifax say they want answers from police about the night their son died.

Police say James Lee Gamble killed himself in his family’s home in the suburb of Timberlea on Feb. 13 as investigators were unravelling an alleged plot by Gamble and two other people to shoot and kill people at a Halifax mall the next day.


In an interview with CTV, Gamble’s parents say they were out running errands as officers surrounded their home, and weren’t allowed to return to the house or call Gamble to speak to him.

John Lee Gamble and Patricia Cody told CTV that despite their pleas, officers didn’t enter the home until four hours after they heard a gunshot, at which time they found the 19-year-old dead.

Cody says she wonders if her son was waiting to talk to his parents, knowing they were coming home, and killed himself believing he’d been abandoned.

An RCMP spokesperson says the situation that night was fluid, and the family has been given as much information as possible given the ongoing investigation and court case.



The Canadian Press