Fort St. John to extend its limits eastbound

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City Council has decided to extend the city’s boundaries for properties east of Fort St. John, following the meeting on Monday afternoon.

The circumstances of this extension are due not only to public interest, but also largely to the City’s interest in acquiring large vacant parcels of land prior to development, which will ‘allow these properties to be developed to an urban standard and accommodate future growth.’

It also ties directly to 50 Year Plan presented at a Committee of the Whole meeting in June, which identifies an insufficient number of vacant lots to accommodate projected growth of the City.

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The need for a boundary expansion has been present for at least 8 years. Since 2007, the City has identified the need to expand its boundaries on both the east and west sides of Fort St. John.

City Council also received a petition from various property owners in July 2015, requesting incorporation into the city.

Those properties were adjacent to the City’s southeast boundaries.


That petition resulted in public advertising to seek interest from rural property owners on the east side, who may be interested in incorporating their property within City boundaries.

The owners of 23 additional properties indicated their request for incorporation, and all the responses garnered from public advertising were presented at a closed door Council meeting last Monday.

This extension will add about 482 hectares to the City’s limits.

$100,000 allocated in the draft of the 2016 Capital budget will help the City complete this work – and administration will be contacting property owners and alerting them of the next steps.


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