North Peace Seniors Housing Society apartment four officially opens

Saturday afternoon was the grand opening of the new North Peace Seniors Housing Society’s apartment four. The building has 47 tenants and everyone has an individual suite with a mini kitchen.

North Peace Seniors Housing Society president Gail Weber said the building gives seniors a way to stay social without needing to expose themselves to the harsh winter temperatures or ice outside.

“I think it’s really important for any community but especially our northern communities to have a place where seniors can come out, sit, play cards, visit and have a community type of life without having to go outside in our winters. Some of these people are getting fairly elderly. Being outside just isn’t the answer,” she said.


Residents are in charge of their own breakfasts but are provided lunch and dinner every day.

The society is non profit and receives no government funding aside from a yearly property tax exemption on developed properties.

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