Olivia, Ethan B.C.’s number one baby names

VICTORIA, B.C. — The B.C. government has released stats on the most-frequently used baby names for the year 2014, and they are Olivia and Ethan for girls and boys, respectively. 44,500 babies were born in B.C. that year — 22,957 boys and 21,543 girls.

For the third year in a row, Olivia is the top name given to B.C.-born girls, according to the Vital Statistics Agency.

Ethan became the top name choice for boys, taking the lead from Liam. Ethan has been in the number one or number two spot each year since 2002 in British Columbia.


Following Olivia in popularity were Emma, Sophia, Emily and Chloe. As for boys, For baby boys, Liam, Lucas, Oliver and Mason were still popular names.

Looking ahead at 2015’s most popular names, it could be the year of Oliver and Olivia. The stats aren’t finalized yet, but Olivia is running strong, and Oliver could take the crown from Liam and Ethan for first place.

Final statistics will not be available until later in 2016.

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