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Walking at work

Most of us know that exercise improves circulation and keeps the heart healthy. However, many of us also spend a lot of time sitting at work for much of the day. So, how do we incorporate activity into our daily work routine? Well, the simplest way is to make walking a part of your work life.

If you can’t do the recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity at a time because of your busy work schedule, then sneaking in a few 10-minute walks throughout the day can be equally beneficial.

Here are 10 tips to Walking at Work:

  • Find ways to fit 60 minutes of walking into your workday. Consider lunch, breaks or 15 minutes before and after work.
  • Pencil your times in your day planner … you’re more likely to stick to it!
  • If you walk with a partner, find someone who keeps their appointments.
  • Buy comfortable walking shoes to leave at work.
  • Be prepared. Organize a bag to leave at work … a sweater, jacket, umbrella, socks, toiletries.
  • Wear a watch to track time.
  • Choose a route.
  • Divide your walking time in half. Start with a comfortable pace. At half-time, retrace your steps.
  • Record your progress using your online steps tracker.
  • Confirm each walking appointment.
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Moose FM, the City of Fort St. John and the Fort St. John Co-op, present the Live It Active Challenge.  This article is a part of this challenge to see Fort St. John and area residents get out and be active in 2016.  Learn more about this program and how you can participate at www.energeticcity.ca/liveit