86 per cent call for big money ban on political fundraising: Insights West

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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — A new Insights West Poll shows B.C.’s two major political parties would do well to consider changing provincial campaign contribution regulations. That is, if they want to stay on the same page as the majority of the province’s voters.

The online survey found that 86 per cent of British Columbians would support a ban on both corporate and union donations before the next election, next year.


In terms of population, B.C. is already the last large province in the country to allow unlimited donations from anywhere in the world — including in municipal elections.

That noted, Canseco says since the survey suggests the public is deeply cynical about the position of ordinary citizens in democracy.

The provincial Liberals should perhaps take a very close look at the reasons for the federal Liberals campaign success last fall.

The survey was sponsored by Dogwood Initiative — a B.C. citizen group calling on the province to ban big money in politics. Communications Director Kai Nagata asks, “How can citizens trust either the Liberals or the NDP to make decisions in the public interest when they rely on cash from construction unions, Alberta oil companies, or foreign billionaires?”