Almost half a million pounds of recycling collected by City

Credit: Adam Reaburn

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — Since the curbside recycling program was implemented last fall, the City of Fort St. John has reportedly collected 838,124 pounds of recyclable matter.

According to documents from the City, 351 metric tonnes of garbage had been collected in October 2015. The number dropped by nearly half in November, when curbside recycling collection was full implemented.

That month, 189 metric tonnes of garbage were collected, and 90 metric tonnes of recyclable materials were brought in.

Courtesy of the City of Fort St. John
Courtesy of the City of Fort St. John

The data shows that, in the following months, 66 metric tonnes of recycling were collected in December, 76 in January, 63 in February, and 86 in March.

In comparison, the City collected 290 metric tonnes of trash in December, and 248 in January. The numbers for February and March were not available.

These numbers are lower than the average appeared to be previous, with data showing the City had collected 319 metric tonnes of garbage in August and 373 metric tonnes in September.

This year alone, the City has almost collected half a million pounds of recycling through the program, with 494,243 pounds received.