Forest Fire Update – Thursday April 21 – 6 a.m.

A fire north of Charlie Lake along Highway 97

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. –  The weather has helped Firefighters knock down several forest fires in the B.C. Peace, but there are still 32 fires burning.

The largest fire in the region is the Beatton Airport Road Fire.  The Beatton Airport Road is closed because of the fire which is now 5,500 hectares in size.  There are 13 firefighters working the fire and an incident management team has arrived and will take over the management of the fire.

More resources will also arrive today to help fight the fire.

The evacuation Alert remains in effect for residents in the area and all residents should be prepared to evacuate if the fire continues to grow towards structures.

Other fires of note, the South Taylor Hill, Baldonnel and Charlie Lake – Highway 29 fires are all in the mop up stages.  Evacuation alerts remain for residents in those areas.

Fire crews have launched an expanded attack on the fire at the confluence of the Halfway and Peace River.  That fire is 500 hectares and currently 80 per cent contained.

Other fires of note:

  • The Halfway River is now 1,100 hectares
  • The Siphon Creek Road/Doig fire is 900 hectares
  • The Mile 67 fire is 52 hectares and has grown since yesterday

Here is a current list of all the fires in the Prince George Fire Centre.

Fire No. Geographic Fire Name Discovery Date Status
2015-G80163 MapQuest Sikanni Chief River May 27, 2015 Modified Response 800.00
2015-G80252 MapQuest 15 nm N of Patty Airstrip Jun 24, 2015 Modified Response 20,000.00
G40036 MapQuest Sackner Rd Apr 18, 2016 Mop-Up 21.00
G70002 MapQuest Boucher Road Apr 1, 2016 Out 20.00
G70003 MapQuest 1 km N of Pioneer Road Moberly Lake Apr 2, 2016 Patrol 59.10
G70033 MapQuest Kobes Creek Road Apr 18, 2016 Mop-Up 40.00
G70034 MapQuest Kelly Lake Apr 18, 2016 Patrol 39.00
Interface G70037 MapQuest Hudsons Hope Apr 18, 2016 Mop-Up 300.00
G70043 MapQuest East Pine Apr 18, 2016 Expanded Attack 548.00
G70045 MapQuest Jackfish Lake Apr 18, 2016 Mop-Up 350.00
G70052 MapQuest Fellers Heights Area Apr 18, 2016 Mop-Up 450.00
G70053 MapQuest 2131 OakFord road Apr 18, 2016 Patrol 18.00
G70057 MapQuest Lone Prairie Apr 18, 2016 Expanded Attack 745.00
Interface G70067 MapQuest South Taylor Hill Apr 18, 2016 Mop-Up 850.00
G70070 MapQuest Mason Road Apr 19, 2016 Patrol 30.00
G70073 MapQuest Carter Road Apr 19, 2016 Modified Response 200.00
G70080 MapQuest Feller’s Heights Apr 19, 2016 Mop-Up 26.00
G80012 MapQuest 277 Road Apr 8, 2016 Patrol 20.00
Interface G80040 MapQuest Baldonnel Apr 18, 2016 Mop-Up 420.00
G80042 MapQuest Rose Prarie Apr 18, 2016 Mop-Up 100.00
Interface G80046 MapQuest Beaton Airport Road Apr 18, 2016 Expanded Attack 5,500.00
G80048 MapQuest Farrell Creek Area Apr 18, 2016 Mop-Up 12.00
G80051 MapQuest Convluence of Halfway & Peace River Apr 18, 2016 Expanded Attack 500.00
G80059 MapQuest Lyndon Subdivision Apr 18, 2016 Initial Attack 25.00
G80060 MapQuest Mile 67 Alaska Highway Apr 18, 2016 Initial Attack 52.00
Interface G80065 MapQuest Fort St John Apr 18, 2016 Initial Attack 250.00
G80066 MapQuest Golata Creek Apr 18, 2016 Initial Attack 170.00
G80068 MapQuest siphon creek road / doig reserve Apr 18, 2016 Initial Attack 900.00
G80075 MapQuest Halfway River Apr 19, 2016 Initial Attack 1,100.00
G80078 MapQuest Km 54 Beatton Airport Rd Apr 18, 2016 Initial Attack 237.00
G80081 MapQuest Beatton River Apr 19, 2016 Initial Attack 250.00
G80082 MapQuest Wonowon 2 miles north Apr 19, 2016 Initial Attack 110.00


Weather Forecast Changes

We were supposed to see rain today, but the forecast has changed and we will continue to see wind with gusts up to 40 km an hour with a high of 12.  The rain now could start Friday with more rain expected throughout the weekend.

The BC Ministry of Environment, in collaboration with the Northern Health Authority, has issued a Smoky Skies Advisory for Fort St. John, Taylor and surrounding areas due to wildfire smoke in the area. Smoke concentrations will vary widely as winds, fire behaviour and temperatures change. Consider avoiding strenuous outdoor activities.

A Burning Ban is now in effect.  Yesterday the Province, the City of Fort St. John, the Peace River Regional District and the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality all issued burning bans.  Category 2 and 3 fires are banned.  The only fire you can have is in a fire pit that is less than a metre tall.

If you spot a fire, make sure you call *5555 on your cell phone or 1-800-663-5555