LISTEN: 6,400 customers without power at peak of outage: BC Hydro

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — BC Hydro has added up its losses and added up the number of repairs following a wind storm and wildfire damage in the northeastern part of the province.

As reported earlier the storm actually came from the coastal region, but most of the Hydro damage and customer service restoration work was done here in the Peace Region.


Spokesperson Bob Gammer confirmed there was a lot of material required to complete the repair work and some customers north of the city could be without service for brief periods this evening.

Gammer also said there was a lot of material required to complete the repair work, and that included about 175 power poles both the taller transmission and shorter distribution poles, 90 cross arms, 720 insulators, and four and a half kilometres of power line.

He also says the Crown Corporation lost 45 structures on a transmission line, “From a point where we cap off a line, which feeds the Fox Creek sub-station, and then from there out to customers in Prespatou, Buick Creek and that area north of Fort St. John.”

He adds that transmission line has been rebuilt in just four days, and Hydro plans to do some switching late today — probably during the dinner hour and into the early part of the evening.

Thus he says, customers in the aforementioned area will likely experience some short power outages, as service is transferred back to the normal configuration.

Mr. Gammer put the peak number of customers without service due to last week’s windstorm and wildfire driven outages at about 6,400.

However, since the storm came from the northern coastal area, he clarified, that the numbers refer to loss of service in all the north interior distribution areas. It was also noted that, in addition to the primary disruption region in the Peace, there were some outages reported in the northwest, in areas like Smithers, Burns Lake and Vanderhoof.