Police call trestle fire bridge ‘suspicious’

Photo by Russell Claybrook, courtesy of the CBC.

MAYERTHORPE, A.B. — Police in Mayerthorpe are deeming the fire set to the CN rail trestle bridge yesterday is suspicious.

“This is very concerning, given the dry conditions we are seeing this spring,” says Sgt. McAuley with the Mayerthorpe RCMP. He says  this is the fifth fire they have been called to in the past 30 days.

Provincial fire Investigators, along with CN Rail authorities, are at the scene investigating what may have caused the fire in support of this RCMP-led investigation.

The RCMP is waiting on those results to continue their investigation.

The RCMP were called to the fire Tuesday afternoon at 1:20 p.m.

38 mobile homes and nearby schools were evacuated, and some Lac St. Anne County residents living nearby were told to be ready to leave only an hour’s notice.

Mayerthorpe spokesperson Ashley Olsen said the fire did not immediately threaten any homes as the wind was blowing away from the town, but officials wanted to be ready if the winds changed.