Report published on minimum wage and British Columbia

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — The Chief Regulatory Officer of the Human Resources Management Association is encouraged by the recent increase in the debate over raising B.C.’s minimum wage.

Rock Lefebvre was co-author of a report entitled ‘Minimum Wage — Should British Columbia Adapt?’ As reported earlier, the association has called for the establishment of a public advisory panel which can bring together a wide range of stakeholders on this issue.

That hasn’t happened yet, but Lefebvre believes it could occur by September and sees events like the BC Federation of Labor, Fight for 15 protest rally last week in Vancouver — and others like it across the country — as part of a push in that direction.

Lefebvre is hopeful that by the fall there will be something definitive regarding a multi-stakeholder discussion, but while again emphasizing the Association is not welded to any rate. When asked about the realty of a jump of more than $4 to $15 an hour, he said:

We also asked him about the often heard argument that a rate of $15 an hour is now required in order to properly address the poverty line.