CanolaFest Artist of the Week – Last Horse Standing

Last Horse Standing

Each week as we get closer to CanolaFest, presented by Thunder Oilfield, we will highlight a local artist.

This week we start with Last Horse Standing.  LHS will perform on the McIntyre Painting Main Stage.  Have a listen to their interview with Eric Clark from Moose FM here


Last Horse Standing is a Folk-Rock from Fort St. John, BC, Canada.  They mix the styles of Canadian folk-rock,a good dose of gritty Alt-county, some catchy, solid rock-and-roll, and an occasional touch of Reggae. Their songs breaks forth from the hills and backwoods of BC, infecting your ears and sitting well in your heart.

LHS main songwriter,Joseph teBulte grew up with music in his veins. He always played around with writing songs, but in 2011 he had enough and got serious about it.

Joseph was lucky to find a group of friends, who like him, always had a beat going in their head and a growing passion for music. So they began hammering out the tunes, and playing in local venues.

Jon has been dropping basslines since 2012. Todd and Luke trade percussion and drumming duties as their schedule allows. Amy is always happy to bring the songs alive by lending her powerful sultry vocals.

They sounds like cowboy shirts and Birkenstocks, VW vans and chicken coops, shotguns ‘n fishing rods.They can’t wait to bring their music to your ears at your local venue.

Listen to Last Horse Standing – EP by Last Horse Standing on @AppleMusic.

You can also visit their Facebook page at