City to inspect recycling bins next week

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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Following an increasing amount of contaminates found in the blue recycling bins, the City will be running spot inspections on these bins during the week of May 9.

Bins that contain contaminates will not be picked up until they have been taken out.


While the program — which launched last November — has been successful at reducing the amount of garbage going to landfills by 30 per cent, staff at D&T Services who sift through it are reportedly finding unrecyclables such as fake Christmas trees, electronics, and even parts of dead animals.

Director of Public Works Don Demers says the program has been extremely successful, but realizes that they will need to remind residents from time to time what is and isn’t accepted in the bins.

The City emphasizes that items like glass, electronics, plastics without a triangle and numbers 1 through 7 on the bottom, clothing and yard waste aren’t recyclable. A sticker on the top of the bin reminds residents what can and can’t go inside.

Glass and electronics are recyclable, but must be taken to Eco Depot.

In circumstances with certain hazardous materials, the Solid Waste Bylaw allows for fines for dangerous materials found in garbage and recycling carts.