Denny Morrison still planning to compete in 2018 Olympics

CALGARY, A.B. – Speed Skater Denny Morrison will still work to represent Canada during the 2018 Olympics after suffering a stroke in April.

Last week, following his return to Calgary, Denny Morrison met with a stroke specialist as well as with the Canadian Long Track Speed Skating Team doctor, Dr. Victor Lun.


In Salt Lake City, Utah, where Morrison was hospitalized following a bike ride on the Arizona Trail, computerized tomography (CT Scan) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans confirmed that a brain blood clot and a carotid artery dissection had occurred. No surgery was required and no blood thinners are being used.

“Denny Morrison is doing well overall, said Dr. Victor Lun. He still has some mild symptoms from his stroke and is feeling more tired than usual. He will be seing the stroke specialist again next week to review his progress and to consider further treatment options. He will be resting from training for at least six weeks to allow his brain to recover from the stroke.”

“I feel lucky that I will be able to be back on my skates after this once again life-threatening episode, said Denny Morrison. This setback is frustrating and a bit terrifying because I consider myself in above average to very good health, yet I still experienced a stroke, proving that it can happen to anyone, at any time, at any age and anywhere.”

“Even if I feel like I’m ready to get back to training, I’ll take all the necessary time to get back in shape,” added Denny Morrison. “Of course, I’m anxious to continue training and to get back into things after finishing off last season with a good race. I’m happy I was able to go on the Arizona Trail this offseason, as I think it provided me with an excellent training base and some momentum heading into this upcoming summer of training. I wanted to see how far I could go after recovering from my motorcycle accident; but with this newest twist, once again it’s more about safety for the time being. My goal is first to limit my risk of having another stroke, then I’ll worry about getting back in shape and continuing my recovery, both from my motorcycle accident and my stroke, so I can work towards proudly representing Canada at the 2018 Olympic Games.”