District Of Taylor Staff & RCMP Investigating Dog Attack

A photo montage that was posted to the "Taylor, BC Parents" Facebook page in the wake of the attack. Photo credit: Facebook

TAYLOR, B.C. – Municipal staff and RCMP in the District of Taylor are conducting investigations after a woman was attacked by a dog on Sunday.

A post made by Tricia Armstrong-Lythall to the Taylor, BC Parents Facebook page goes into detail regarding the attack. According to the post, the victim was out walking with her family on Sunday evening, when she was attacked by possibly two dogs while attempting to retrieve her own pet dog. The victim goes on to say that she received injuries from the dog attack and was treated in hospital while notifying local RCMP.


The District of Taylor’s Acting Mayor Coun. Brent Taillefer spoke with Energeticcity.ca this morning, and confirmed that district animal control staff are conducting an investigation into the incident that will follow-up the investigation by police. Taillefer explained that any repercussions from the incident will be determined by the outcome of the RCMP’s investigation.

When asked, Taillefer was unable to confirm the breed of the dog or dogs involved, adding that the district’s animal bylaw defines dogs as “aggressive”, or “dangerous” as per the district’s charter.

When asked for comment, North District RCMP Spokesperson Cpl. Dave Tyreman said that he had not receieved any information in the case.