Evacuation Alert issued for area near the Doig River First Nation

Map of the Doig River Evacuation Alert.

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Peace River Regional District has issued an evacuation alert for an area 2km north of the Doig River First Nations.

The following geographic area is in the evacuation alert:

  • Doig Road for 2.5 km east and west of Doig River First Nations
  • North from Doig Road along Osborn River to a point perpendicular to the northern tip of Siphon Creek Road
  • East for 11 km
  • North for 4 km to Osborn River
  • West for 18 km to the east edge of District Lot 443
  • South for 17 km crossing Doig Road 2.5 km west of Doig River First Nations to east edge of Doig River
  • Continuing 2.5 km north east to point where Doig Road crossed Doig River

An Evacuation Alert has been issued to prepare you to evacuate your premises or property should it be found necessary. Residents will be given as much advance notice as possible prior to evacuation; however you may receive limited notice due to changing conditions.

The evacuation alert has been issued because of the Doig River First Nations fire that is located 2km north of the community. The last update provide by the forest service said the fire was 100 hectares in size with 10 firefighters and one helicopter fighting the fire.

Evacuation alerts remain in place for Cecil Lake/Goodlow and the Siphon Creek area.