Former NPSS principal returns to teach important lesson

Photo Courtesy: Jessica Fedigan

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – A former North Peace Secondary School principal returned to his old stomping grounds today to share a very important message.

Daniel Vecchio spoke to students and staff about the issue of domestic violence.


Vecchio said coming back to Fort St. John is a very powerful thing for him. ‘My strength is not for hurting’ started when some members of the PAC committee came to him about 10 to 11 years ago.

“Some women on our Parent Advisory Committee came to me and said ‘Daniel, next week is International Women’s day, March 8th and we would like you to roll out this campaign to address the issue of men’s violence against women’.”

Vecchio went on to tell the story about how he was given about 25-30 shirts the day before they needed to be handed out. He thought he wouldn’t find enough guys to wear them but as it turns out, he walked into classrooms and gave out all the shirts. He says he wasn’t prepared for the next day, when people approached him and said ‘where are our shirts?’.

Vecchio went and ordered 300 more shirts and put them on his MasterCard (much to the dismay of his wife).

“I under estimated that boys at this school would care about this issue.” 

It strikes a personal note with Vecchio, who lost his sister to the issue. She was murdered by her husband.

“We’ve got to break this conspiracy of silence, we’ve got to take responsibility for this issue.”


Teachers also took donations from students and staff to give to victims of domestic violence.