FortisBC enters LNG deal with Hawaii Electric and Fortis Hawaii

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – FortisBC has announced they have made an agreement with “Fortis Hawaii” and “Hawaiian Electric” to have LNG shipped to Hawaii.

The agreement is for 20 years. Under the agreement, Fortis Hawaii would be delivering 800,000 tons annually to Hawaii Electric from FortisBC’s LNG facility in Delta, British Columbia.

Conditions do have to be met before the deal goes through, including: “government and regulatory approvals in both British Columbia and Hawaii and the approval of the merger of Hawaiian Electric and NextEra Energy Resources.


Barry Perry, President and CEO of Fortis Inc, says FortisBC will capitalize on the agreement.

“FortisBC is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the strong market demand for clean-burning B.C. natural gas as a bridge fuel in the transition to renewable energy production. Our small-scale Tilbury facility fits well with the needs of customers like Hawaiian Electric and shipping from Canada’s West Coast costs less than from other locations, including the U.S.”

The release also says Hawaii has aggressive goals for a cleaner environment, but that it can be done.

“Hawaii has an ambitious goal of 100 percent renewables for electricity generation by 2045. In a filing with the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission, Hawaiian Electric said importing natural gas from British Columbia will decrease its present reliance on imported oil for almost 80 percent of its electricity generation, reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly and provide a reliable, cleaner, lower-cost fuel for its transition to a 100 percent renewable energy future.”