FSJ For LNG Arrives In Ottawa

FSJ for LNG's road trip to Parliament Hill in Ottawa 2016. Photo by Alan Yu

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – FSJ for LNG has made it to Ottawa.

Founder Alan Yu says they met with Arnold Viersen, MP of Peace River-Westlock along with Jason Dabrule, a crew member of the LNG or Bust team from Alberta.

Although the meeting was primarily about Alberta Oil, Yu is happy with how the meeting went.

‘The meeting was more on the Alberta Oil as Arnold is Jason’s MP.
He will introduce me however to Oil and Gas campaigners so I can meet with them on my way back.”

The group now meets with Bob Zimmer today in Ottawa.

Most of the group will be flying back to Fort St. John, but Alan Yu is continuing the journey East on his own funds.