Heavy rain expected later this week in the Peace Country

Photo by OakleyOriginals, Flickr Creative Commons

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Peace Country residents are being advised to brace themselves for a major moisture event, which could also see a return to more seasonable overnight low temperatures.

The season’s first large scale cold low is heading this way from the coast of Alaska and both Environment Canada and the Weather Network agree it is likely to result in a significant two to three day total precipitation post, beginning Wednesday night.


How significant however, seems difficult to determine as estimates are running from 30, to more than 60 millimetres or one, to more than two and half inches.

The Weather Network, before it revised it this morning, had posted an overnight long range forecast calling for 53 to 67 millimetres of rain, with more than half of it on Thursday, but has now essentially cut it in half to just over 30.

Lisa Caldwell of Environment Canada conceded Monday there were some models showing as much 100 millimeters, but she rejected those, favoring instead about a quarter of that amount, and at the same time suggesting, dressing to go outdoors Thursday evening in flip-flops and tank-tops, could be the blueprint, for blue skin.

It’s worth noting that right now, the Thursday night low is projected at four degrees, but that in fact is about the average for this time of year, and nowhere near the May 19th record low of -3.9 set in 1969.

The bottom line for weary wild firefighters, and farmers who have finished seeding—they could be headed, for a celebratory weekend.