Trudeau government announces Kinder Morgan Pipeline panel

Photo by Pixabay

OTTAWA – The Trudeau government announced the panel today for the Kinder Morgan Pipeline review.

The three member group is meant to consult Aboriginal groups, communities, as well as citizens about the $6.8 billion dollar pipeline deal.


The group will meet from June to December in efforts to help the federal government make a final decision on the project. The National Energy Board is expected to make a decision soon.

The panel consists of the following members:

– Kim Baird, former chief of Tsawwassen First Nation
– Annette Trimbee, former senior Alberta public servant, president and vice-chancellor of the University of Winnipeg
– Tony Penikett, the former Yukon premier and author

Stewart Muir, Executive director of Resource Works, says this panel embodies values of the Trudeau Government.

“I think there is a mixture of pragmatism, idealism, and also a willingness to signal that they are open to doing things better, maybe unexpected, by way of solutions to solve the impact that we’re seeing across the country right now in the way of energy projects”.

The panel will be meeting with the public as well as members of the indigenous community but the federal government will ultimately have the final say.