At least ten more days of dry weather: Environment Canada

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — Make it two days in a row for record daily high posts at the local airport weather station; on Tuesday, it was unofficially a done deal by mid-day.

The 12 p.m. temperature as reported by Environment Canada was 23 degrees and that surpassed the 72-year-old May 3, 1944 record of 21.1.


It was also more bad news for local firefighters and it was made worse by the fact that the west wind was again becoming a concern.

By early this afternoon it has increased to nearly 30 kilometres per hour with gusts getting close to 40, and although the temperature after climbing close to 30 again today is expected to drop by as much as 10 to 15 degrees tomorrow, the same cannot be said for wind velocity.

The latest forecast has it up to 40 kilometres per hour on Wednesday with gusts to 60. Even more discouraging is the fact there’s no anticipated appreciable amount of precipitation in the area for the next ten days.

As reported earlier, all this comes after twelve months of about 100 millimetres of below average precipitation in this region.

At the Provincial Wildfire Coordination Centre, Chief Fire Information Officer Kevin Skrepnek concedes, history shows the only real remedy to conditions like these rests in the forecast.

Now, since I determined to end this report on a positive note I dug out these numbers: 49.8 millimetres of rain, and 47.8 centimetres of snow.

The former is the one day May rainfall record posted on the May 27, 1979. The latter is the all-time one day snowfall post at the airport station recorded on May 22, 1960.