B.C. Axes Provincial Exams, Report Cards Changing: Education Minister

Peace River South MLA Mike Bernier. Photo by Government of B.C.

VICTORIA, B.C. – Students can say so long to Provincial Exams and hello to math and literary skills assessments.

Provincial exams: Previous five exams replaced with assessments of the core math and literacy skills that are the foundation for all subjects. During their graduation program years, students will write provincial exams of both math skills and literacy.”

Education Minister Mike Bernier announced today changes that are coming to B.C.’s education system.


Bernier also announced that Report Cards will see changes.

“Report cards: From late June to October, parents will be consulted on what they want to know about their child’s progress and how they want to get that information.”

Also starting in the 2017-18 school year, students will have to take a Career Education Course to graduate. The Minister says the course will teach them the link between their classroom work and opportunities in life.

Classroom assessments will also be done by teachers in certain subjects.

“Classroom assessment: Student progress in subjects like science, social studies, and language arts will be assessed in the classroom.”

Bernier says this is a step forward in helping dreams come true for the next generations in school.

“We owe it to parents and to the next generation to make sure we are setting up a clear path for kids to follow their dreams and succeed. Whether they want to design computer programs, build skyscrapers, or start a business, our new curriculum and our incredible teachers will help students build the foundation they need to make that happen.”