Three new fires started in past 24 hours

A forest fire seen from mile 69 of the Alaska Highway. Photo submitted.

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — New fires have started in the Prince George Fire Centre, including fires near Aitken Creek, Arras and in Hasler Flats in the Pine Pass.

As of Tuesday morning, the BC Wildfire Service has listed these fires as all are under five hectares in size — the biggest of which being the Aitken Creek fire, which is about two hectares right now. The other fires are spot-sized, says Fire Information Officer Emily Epp — about 10 metres by 10 metres, or even smaller.


Crews are tackling the blazes, with the Arras Fire Department on the spot fire in Arras, a response fire officer was sent out to the one in Hasler Flats, and seven firefighters are taking on the fire near Aitken Creek.

As for other ongoing fires, Epp confirmed that the Doig River fire is now estimated to be 200 hectares. Nine firefighters are on that fire, as well as a helicopter.

The Siphon Creek fire, still 7,000 hectares in size, now has two helicopters monitoring it with four firefighters in them.

Airtankers have aided the battle against the blazes, but crews haven’t been able to contain these fires yet.

“The weather forecast is for a warm day today, again, although they’re predicting there could be an increase of wind this afternoon,” Epp noted.

Here is map of all the active fires in the B.C. Peace.

Fires marked as red are new in the last 24 hours.
Fires marked as red are new in the last 24 hours.