Chetwynd recovering after storm batters area

Photos from Chetwynd - Peace FM

CHETWYND, B.C. – The Mayor of Chetwynd, Merlin Nichols, says the city is cleaning up after heavy rainfall hammered the area over the last 2 days.

After taking a tour of the damage, Nichols says he has no estimate on damages done to the city, but that the city is doing what they can to recover.

Some areas of town are pretty badly damaged. In particular our Spirit Park. We are trying to prevent further damage, but Spirit Park has been pretty badly hammered. 


Nichols says there are 2 roads closed in the city. 50th Street and Nicholson Street South are both closed by the same creek. He also says they have 4 excavators working full-time to clear the rocks that are coming down the creek, to protect it from building up and taking out the bridges.

The city is trying to salvage the bridges before any further damage occurs.