First Big Bam Vertical Slam To Take Place This Saturday

TAYLOR, B.C. – The first-ever Big Bam Vertical Slam will see over 400 hikers competing in a 2.3, 5, or 10 kilometre race at the Big Bam Skil Hill.

The race, which is being put on by the Big Bam Ski Hill’s non-profit organization, will see competitors running and hiking across the ski hill up one of two separate courses that cover a vertical of 600 metres. Race coordinator Laurie Cardinal says that participants will need to bring adequate hiking equipment, including nordic poles, appropriate clothing for the weather, and footwear with decent ankle support. Cardinal also stressed that participants should at least familiarize themselves with the course prior to the race, which takes place on Saturday. Hikers that are participating are asked to show up at least 30 minutes prior to their scheduled race time.


All of the proceeds from the event are going towards maintaining and expanding the Big Bam Ski Hill, which has lacked a ski lift since part of the hill slumped a number of years ago, necessitating the previous lift’s removal. In addition, participants can get discounted entry to the Big Bam June Jam, which will see Prism take the stage on Saturday night.

The 10 k hike departs from the base of the hill at 8:00 AM on Saturday, with the 5 k race beginning and at 8:30, and the shorter 2.3 k hike at 9:00.