Flood warning ended for Moberly River

Flooding west of Chetwynd

CHETWYND, B.C. – The flood watch for the Moberly River has been ended after river levels have dropped.

According to Emergency Info B.C., the following river conditions were recorded by the Water Survey of Canada (WSC):

  • Moberly River (WSC 07FB008) is recording a flow of 95 m3/s (gauge water level is 3.02 m), which is below the 5-year return period flow.

Weather forecast from Environment Canada indicate potential for scattered showers in the Peace Region over the next two days. As of Thursday afternoons forecast, precipitation totals are expected to be less than 5 mm.

Flow forecasting for the Moberly River indicates levels will continue to decline through the weekend to levels with minimal flood risk.

The public is cautioned to stay clear of rivers as riverbanks may be particularly unstable as water levels recede.