FSJ for LNG returns home after cross country trek

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – FSJ for LNG returned home yesterday after spreading the message of how important LNG is across Canada.

Group founder Alan Yu said that the trip was a success.

“The highlight of the trip was really surprising, was my testimony at the standing committee on natural resources. This was not planned, except that John Barlow, from Alberta who is part of the standing committee on natural gas and he invited me. Everyone was already gone, and we were not supposed to be in Ottawa that day, however I stayed behind so that I could testify.”


Yu says he had a lot of people say that they used to stay in BC, or that they live in BC themselves. Yu said especially in Ottawa, people recognized them.

Yu extended his trip to Halifax because there is a LNG plant there  that is going to be using American Natural Gas. The reason? our Natural Gas in Canada is being carbon taxed, as well as the distance, it takes way longer for the gas to get across the province compared to getting it from the US.

He echoed comments Christy Clark made in Dawson Creek when asked about LNG.

“We are losing market share and we are losing workers. The delays mean more LNG plants will go online in the US, and we are losing market share.”

When Yu was at the standing committee of natural resources, he was asked “why would China buy from us when there is a pipeline from Russia?”

He responded by saying Canada has stability and cleaner gas.

“There is political stability in Canada is much, much better. Also, if you have natural gas coming into your country in the form of LNG, that is the best gas that you can find because any impurities in the Natural Gas when you convert it to LNG, will just ice up.”

Yu also praised the 90-day review that will be forthcoming from the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency. He says he will be anxiously waiting for September to roll around.