Gas Prices On The Rise And Will Still Go Up

Photo by Pixabay

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – It’s reportedly due to a combination of supply and demand factors, but motorists had best be prepared for yet another unwelcome surprise at the gas pumps.

In fact there’s already evidence of it here in Fort St. John as the Esso station on 100th street has taken the local outlet lead posting a seven cent a litre increase to 116.9.


If it takes hold city wide, it will be the second significant Fort St. John retail price hike in as many months, as the common posted price jumped eight cents a litre to 109.9 in May.

Gas Senior analyst, Dan McTeague says part of the problem can be traced to the Fort McMurray fire and also to the only refinery in Michigan State, known as Marathon.

McTeague called it the perfect storm and noted for the second year in a row there isn’t enough gasoline to go around in western North America.

Meantime, speaking of forces at play, despite being five cents a litre higher than it was this time last month at 115.1 – the B-C average price is no longer the highest provincial average in the country.

That’s because a double digit provincial tax increase in Newfoundland/Labrador has lifted its average, according to the latest gas Buddy monitor, to a 117.1.