Gas Prices Continuing To Soar

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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. –  The recent rapid rise in gasoline prices continues with posted prices in Fort St. John now up by as much as 18 cents a litre in the past three weeks.

The 100th street Esso, which has taken the lead on all three increases in that period, posted another three cent a litre hike on the weekend, 119.9.


However it is important to note again, that as of mid-morning an eight station survey showed it was still in a stand-alone-position.

In addition, based on numbers from the nearest refinery to Fort St. John, in Prince George, a check reveals the wholesale price increase during roughly the same period has been only five cents a litre.

So there’s now room to speculate there’s more than just the current gasoline supply shortage in western Canada driving the price hike, but there’s also ample evidence across western Canada connecting the refinery problems to the price increases.

On this morning’s monitor, the BC average of 119.7, was ten cents a litre higher than it was a month ago, and the Prairie Provinces, which normally have the countries’ three lowest provincial averages, were sitting fourth, fifth, and sixth.

In addition, in the Edmonton area, the previously reported unplanned outage at the Suncor refinery, by the end of last week, had impacted a number of Petro-Canada stations in all four western provinces, and that includes the one on 100th street and 105th avenue in Fort St. John, which an attendant confirmed this morning was out of gas.

Meantime, the supply shortage is now reportedly spreading to Shell stations as the result of a second Edmonton area refinery having unexplained problems.

Again we note, this is the second year in a row western Canada has experienced a supply shortage, and Mr. McTeague remains adamant that the primary reason rests with the shutdown of Western Canadian refineries dating back to the 1980’s.