Hydro building microwave transmitter tower south of Alaska Highway

Crews assembling the 190 foot microwave transmitter tower at the south end of Fort St. John. Photo by Chris Newton.

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Work is proceeding rapidly on the latest addition to Fort St. John’s skyline.

Contractors for BC Hydro are in the process of assembling a microwave transmitter tower near Hydro’s substation south of the Alaska Highway, across from its intersection with 86th Street. Once the tower is complete, which should occur before the end of the summer, the orange and white tower will be 58 metres, or 190 feet tall.


BC Hydro spokesperson Bob Gammer says that the tower is a communications tower that will connect the substation with the other substations and generating stations in the provincial power grid, including the generating stations that are owned by independent power producers. Gammer says that Hydro uses their microwave communication network similarly to the cellular phone network, in order to move electricity around the grid as efficiently as possible, and to provide for an increase or decrease in electricity demand.