Local Fort St. John Teen Heads To Haiti To Make A Difference

Photo Courtesy: Taylor DeVos Facebook

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Taylor DeVos is doing more then some people may get to do in a lifetime.

The 14 year-old has already donated over $15,000 to help children in Haiti and build schools in the area.


After sponsoring a girl from Haiti, Taylor had bigger aspirations. She is about to embark on a trip to Haiti, one that as originally cancelled recently.

“When we originally planned to go, the President of Haiti was due to step down from his position and wasn’t showing any signs that he was going to do so. This caused many protests and road blocks to be set up all over the country, some protests turned violent. After discussing with World Vision staff that are on ground in Haiti, we came to the decision that it would be safer to postpone.”

Taylor has made 2 major donations that will help children in Haiti. $5,000 was given to World Vision, for the Jaques Ramian School Project and $10,000 to @Freethechildren to help with the building of the Manac School Project which is also in Haiti.

Taylor lists her new goal as trying to see how many girls she can send to school before she herself graduates high school in 4 years.

She has a hard time putting it into words how excited she is to finally be going, but says she hopes to be inspired.

I can’t put my excitement into words. I can’t wait to meet my sponsored child and visit one of the schools that I helped build. It’s going to be great to see the children that have been impacted by my work there. 

I’m excited to be inspired even more after I see first hand at how children live in Haiti and countries like it. I can’t wait to start my journey of helping girls in Malawi, Africa and I think this trip is going to push me even harder and make me more determined to help.”