Love Fort St. John aims to promote local businesses

Photo Credit: Love Fort St. John

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Every city has hidden gems in them, you just have to find them.

Love Fort St. John is aiming to help local businesses thrive and be supported in the community.


Lilia Hansen with Love Fort St. John says it is a great way for local businesses to get out there.

“This program increases online exposure for small businesses. There are some perimeters around it. You have to be a non-franchise business and the owner lives local. It’s really neat, we hire a local photographer (Ashley Vincent) and there is a writer on staff who works with the businesses to help create a online business profile.”

Fort St. John is the 27th community in Northern BC to sign up. They have already done a soft launch and you can see what some of the pages look like currently.

Hansen says it is also a great way for businesses to network saying some people may work out of home, events that Love Fort St. John hosts are there to help those people meet others who have the same goals.

There are currently 76 businesses registered. The goal was originally to have 20 register. Hansen says the city is a key contributor to the success and the great relationship that they have with them is a huge reason why the program has been successful so far.

The program is also meant to help businesses owners maintain websites. Hansen says often business owners can find it hard to maintain web pages, but they aim to help provide that support.

Each company pays a $100 fee when they sign up and apply. It is only a 1 time fee.

This weekend, Love Fort St. John will be joining the Farmers Market from 9:00-3:00 at Centennial Park. They will be showcasing the participants in the program currently. They are inviting the community to come and see how many unique businesses there are in the area.

Love Fort St. John hopes that people can find something that they didn’t know existed in Fort St. John, one of those hidden gems.