Mayor of Dawson Creek gives update on city condition

The City of Dawson Creek and Encana will both benefit from an agreement for reclaimed water usage/Photo: Mayor Dale Bumstead

UPDATE: The City of Dawson Creek has announced that they have cancelled the local State of Emergency.

DAWSON CREEK, B.C. – Dawson Creek Mayor Dale Bumstead gave an update on the situation in the city at a special council meeting on Monday afternoon.


Bumstead said they will prioritize damage assessment. The city also noted buildings held up quite well. There were leaks but none were of major concern. City hall did see a little bit of water.

The aquatic centre saw a power outage and sewer back-up but re-opened on Saturday.

The city said the lake did flood and has lots of debris. Usually, they open the lake around June 15th, but will not be opening it until around July 1st due to debris in the lake.

Bumstead also said parks and baseball diamonds were flooded, but were re-opened on Sunday. There was a tournament on Sunday, according to Bumstead.

Main roads in the city are almost all re-opened. 15th street is closed due to being completely washed out.

Bumstead said council has told staff to begin the process of collecting the details for council to make a decision on how to replace the bridge at 15th street. He said that a temporary bridge could have been built but that could cost as much as $300,000. The city holds insurance on the culvert so it would be covered for a replacement.

Sewer and water systems held up well during the flooding according to directors.

To date, there has been roughly $300,000 dollars spend on the response of the flooding. Bumstead says around 80% of those costs will be recoverable.

Crews are still assessing how much damage money wise occurred. That will take some time before those numbers are released.

Bumstead also gave high praise to the fire chief, directors and first responders, thanking them for keeping people safe and preventing further damage.