Minister Bennett Responds To LNG And Site C Protests

Photo Courtesy: B.C. Government

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Minister of Energy and Mines and Minister Responsible for Core Review has responded to the claims that LNG will be damaging to B.C., and also responded to concerns about Site C.

In an interview with, Bennett responded to the claims from about 90 climate scientists from Canada, the U.S., Australia, and the UK are warning of dire environmental effects if the project is approved.

“You can’t really judge what is being proposed for Canada without looking at the rest of the world. So when you look at the possibility of the LNG industry in British Columbia, you can’t say ‘Oh well that is going to generate GHG emissions and therefore we shouldn’t do that’ without looking elsewhere in the world, look where that LNG is going to go. Is it going to displace other dirtier fuels like coal? And I think the answer is clearly, yes, and I think having a LNG industry in B.C., which will be the cleanest LNG in the world is actually a good thing in terms of overall global emissions reduction.”


Bennett went on to say that you need to recognize Canada is responsible for around 2% of global emissions. He says we also need to recognize that B.C. is responsible for a small fraction of that 2%. He says we have to put that in context with what is to be gained from a LNG industry.

Minister Bennett also addressed concerns regarding the Site C Mega Dam Project. As well as the matters before the courts.

“Well, there are 4 cases outstanding. However, 3 of them have been heard by the trial court levels and B.C. Hydro won those cases. Those cases are being appealed but Hydro and Government have a obligation to make sure the Site C project is built on time and on budget. You can’t be subjecting the project to constant delay and still have it be on budget, so the project is going to go ahead.”

Bennett also wanted to remind people that the vast majority of those working on the Site C project are from British Columbia. 70% approximately. He says this project will create jobs now only now, but in the future.