North Peace “Gotta Go” Survey Looks To Make Rest Stops Better

Photo Courtesy: Peace River Regional District

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The North Peace District is asking the public for assistance in upgrading rest stops along Peace Region Highways in a project called “Gotta Go.”

The survey (which can be found here) is going to provide important information on what steps need to be taken to upgrade current facilities.


Jennifer Moore, Regional Economic Development Officer, says the public’s input is important.

“The whole idea behind the survey is to talk to the users of the highway about what needs are. How far apart rest stops should be, are there bottlenecks in the system? Going to the users about how this should be is the most important.”

Another factor to the survey is the fact that next year is the 75th anniversary of the Alaska Highway. They are expecting large tourism numbers, especially from the U.S. if the dollar stays where it currently is. Moore says they want to make sure they have proper and adequate rest stops to meet the needs of tourists and locals.