North Peace Minor Baseball hosting All-Star games during final week of the season

Black Sox Baseball File Photo

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The North Peace Black Sox will be entering their final week of the regular season with a trio of All-Star games on Thursday evening.

All three games are taking place on Thursday, June 23rd at the Kin Park ball diamonds. The Majors will be up to bat at ball diamond #3, and will combine all-stars from the Strad, TCL, Cecil Lake, Ernies and CNRL teams against those from the Remax, Baron Oilfield, Pimms, and World Gym teams. The Junior All-Star game starts at the same time, on diamond #6. Players from HSE and CIBC will be taking on the combined all-stars from Burger King, Cecil Lake and Prospect Land. The rookies comprised of the Red Sox, Twins, and Phillies will be combining to take on the Blue Jays, Yankees, and Cecil Lake rookie all-stars on ball diamond #5. The start time for all three games is 6:00 PM.


Rosters for the teams are as follows:


Dillon Neufeld – TCL                                 Adam Bourgeois – Remax

Graydon Alexander -TCL                          Colby Busche – Remax

Noah Telford – TCL                                   Finley Gibb – Remax

Prestin Barrows – Strad                            Kevin Unruh – Pimm’s

Caden Brown – Strad                                Ayden Pimm – Pimm’s

Luka Van Rensberg – Strad                       Brett McCracken – Pimm’s

Heath Bruha -Cecil Lake                           Ronan Cullen – World Gym

Kordell Ollengberger – Cecil Lake               Aston Flemming – World Gym

Kolby Green – Cecil Lake                          Reese Holden – World Gym

Aiden Hoffmeyer – Ernies                          Evan Wagner – Baron Oilfield

Zachary Ryan – Ernies                              Kaden Arberry – Baron Oilfield

Evan Morgan – Ernies                               Reid Arberry  -Baron Oilfield

Ethan French – CNRL

Kash Pittam – CNRL

Ben Delisi – CNRL


Kale Goulet – HSE                                 Connor Bowie – Burger King

Tavish Parkhurst -HSE                           Brophy Dunne -Burger King

Dustin Unruh – HSE                               Curtis Hammond – Burger King

Emmett Lusk – HSE                              Payden Dyck – Burger King

Marcus Reuhl – HSE                             Noah Lang – Prospect Land

Isaac Wagner – HSE                              Aiden Craig -Steele- Prospect Land

Hunter Brown – CIBC                              Jesse McArthur – Prospect Land

Dawson Young- CIBC                             Tyler McArthur – Prospect Land

Chase London -CIBC                              Reilly MacLachlan – Cecil Lake

Max Blanchette – CIBC                          Logan Kimmie – Cecil Lake

Brody Hipkiss – CIBC                             Jordan Shawcheck – Cecil Lake

Reid Jacobs – CIBC                               Riley Shawcheck – Cecil Lake


Brady Dietz – Red sox                         Naomi Batten – Blue Jays

Travers Barrows -Red Sox                    Jamie Straub – Blue Jays

Jonathan Toews -Red Sox                    Presley Mackay – Blue Jays

Kenzie Sihlis – Red sox                       Logan Stirling – Blue Jays

Kolton Bigras – Phillies                        Logan Kimmie – Cecil Lake

Chaz Lucas – Phillies                          Jordan Shawcheck – Cecil Lake

Kyle Ennis – Phillies                            Riley Shawcheck – Cecil Lake

Jarrett Lawson – Phillies                       Reilly MacLachlan – Cecil Lake

Shea Feener  – Twins                           Carson Arberry – Yankees

Jack Landry-Stewart – Twins                 Joshua Moskalyk – Yankees

Quinn Stigners – Twins                         Kaitlynn Ross  – Yankees

Jacob Foley – Twins                             Dayton Kreiger – Yankees

The North Peace Black Sox will also be in action this coming weekend, when they travel to Grande Prairie for a tournament which was rescheduled from last weekend. The Black Sox’s year-end tournament will also take place next week, running from Monday through Thursday.