Did Someone Do Something Nice For You? Pay It Forward

Photo Courtesy: Cindy Mohr

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Pay It Forward day has been happening in Fort St. John since 2009 and has been put on by The Fort St John Association for Community Living.

This year, Pay It Forward day will be on June 10th. The organization says it is through times where they have seen someone take the time to get to know someone different, or give the opportunity of employment to someone with a disability, or simply say “hello” to someone that they see how lucky they are to be apart of this community.


Cindy Mohr, Executive Director says Pay It Forward day will be a great success if it moves other people to pay it forward themselves.

“This year, we hope that it brings joy to more people than ever.  True success for us is when we hear of people doing things for Pay it Forward Day that have nothing to do with us, just want to bring happiness to someone else.  If the spirit of giving touches lots of people and in turn, spreads happiness and gratitude to others, then we’ve accomplished what we wanted and Pay it Forward Day is a huge success.”

This day is where people in the organization will, in some way, shape, or form Pay It Forward throughout the day on June 10th. The act can be as simple as opening a door for someone, saying “hello” to someone you may not talk to all the time, paying for the person in front of you at Tim Hortons, or paying for someone’s parking meter. The act can be in the spur of the moment or planned.